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The main features of our special deals are as follows:


  • 50% discount with 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee for a Trial Period of 1 week. We believe that you have to actually see the quality of our service to enable you to really evaluate its value and compare our services to that of others. With this in mind, we are willing to undergo a one week trial period for which you only pay 50% of the agreed rate and only if you are satisfied with our service. We are willing to do such trial even if you do not immediately need our services but simply want to have some alternative options.

We are very confident that we not only can provide you cost effective quality services but also enable you to help the community through our services by:

  • Indirectly supporting the charitable institutions to which we contribute part of our earnings;
  • Reducing Global Warming by using eco-friendly products. These also provide better indoor air quality and are safe for your Clients, employees, children, tenants and even pets;
  • Recycling products which do not only give us cheaper recycled products but also conserve and protect our environment and natural resources for our children and future generations. Specifically, recycling reduces global warming and air pollution; conserves energy, water, trees and natural resources; significantly preserves Canada's garbage landfills which are being saturated at a very alarming rate.
  •   For more information we invite you to contact us at (587)333-5272 or info@turtledovecleaning.com

    15 Reasons to Choose TurtleDove Cleaning Services:

     1. 100% SATISFACTION guarantee
     2. One of the best pricing schedule breakdown (you only pay when we clean)
     3. Insured and Bonded
     4. Friendly and Professional
     5. Punctual
     6. Committed to serving you
     7. We listen to your needs
     8. Environmentally friendly cleaning products
     9. Free Quotes, no obligation
     10. No hidden costs
     11. Easy transition and easy to follow contract
     12. Great carpet cleaning service
     13. We make your building look good and even give trial periods to best assess our cleaning excellence
     14. Thorough house and commercial cleaning services
     15. A #1 cleaning company in Calgary and Area