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Must I be at home when my house is cleaned?

It's your choice to be or not to be at home but we encourage you to meet your cleaner for the first visit to show them around the home. You may also leave a list of your priorities (these may vary from visit to visit) as it helps to maintain our high quality services.

Are the cleaners safe to be left alone?

We make sure we do a background criminal check on all our employees so you can be rest assured that your safety is at hand

How many cleaners will clean my house?

We work as a single person or in teams of two people to four, depending on the size of homes and hours in our schedule.

Are the Cleaners trained and supervised?

All of our cleaners and team members are trained before they're permitted to clean any house. Each team has a supervisor who is in charge of making sure nothing is missed and that any special requests we receive from our customers are taken care of.

How do we protect your keys?

We have two options; we either make an arrangement for a pick up/drop off location or we keep a spare key in a secured locked key safe that only management have access to and then given to the cleaner who returns the key at the end of day.

How much will it cost to clean my house?

Your fee is based on the size and condition of your home and how much time is spent on your home. Please contact us by phone or fill an online form to get a free cleaning estimate for your home. However, because of the uncertainty inherent in the estimation process by phone or online form (we don't see your house in person), the estimate can change over time as new information by our cleaners are received.

What are the payment terms?

Payment is due at time of service. You may pay by cash, credit card or online payment through our website. If you are not going to be at home during the initial cleaning we will ask that you make prior arrangement of payment. On very rare occasions do we accept mailing in cheque which is subject to a $50 plus the bank fee charge for every NSF we receive. On your regular scheduled cleanings we ask that you leave payment on your kitchen counter. If you pay by credit card the payment will be made 24 hours before the maid start the service.

Do I need to provide my own cleaning products?

We provide the cleaning products which are chemical free and environmentally friendly at no extra cost. However if you choose to use your own products or equipment because of allergies or other reasons, please let the office know and leave them out where we can easily find them, preferably in the kitchen area.

Our Guarantee!!

TurtleDove Cleaning Services stands by its Satisfaction Guarantee Policy and if you are not satisfied with the work we have performed in your house please call and we will address any problems you might have with your cleaning.

Our Guarantee is part of our commitment to our customers. We want our customers to be happy with the work we perform in their home or office. Remember that TurtleDove Cleaning Service goal is to be your sole cleaning company.