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The Founders of TurtleDove Corporation bring with them over 15 years’ experience in Janitorial services. In 2010 the founders decided to move their entire operation to Alberta and formally register TurtleDove Cleaning Services Inc. in Calgary Alberta on February of 2011. TurtleDove is a registered Corporation, family run and has a large staff base that is dedicated to providing exceptional eco-friendly janitorial services. Our staff base comprises of full timers, part timers, contractors and carefully selected vendor partnership. TurtleDove has vast experience in the commercial and residential cleaning which we pride ourselves in our record of quality service, attention to details, dedication, drive and determination.  Our belief has always been to keep the environment safe and healthy, that's why we are a recognized Eco-friendly Company using chemical free products to deliver exceptional results.

We welcome you to experience the beauty of our cleaning effects and are confident that our cleaning will leave you gasping in awe! We believe in integrity, affordability, and high quality!!

Quality Assurance:

At TurtleDove we understand that continuous attention to quality is essential to meeting our customers' requirements. We regularly add to our set of leading- edge services, enabling us to provide you with high quality services and make our services cost effective.

Training & Vendor Partnership:

All our staffs are fully trained and have criminal record check clearance. We provide a variety of innovative programs designed to simplify our training and increase productivity. Training includes, but is not limited to: Customer Relations, Floor Care, Windows/Wall spot washing, Security, Washroom Maintenance, Safety, WHMIS and the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products. Our employees meet with our vendor representatives each month and receive training on the latest equipment and most effective cleaning products in the industry. Deploying cutting edge equipment and cleaning products ensures our customers' facilities are the cleanest they can be.

Long-Term Customer Relationships:

Our goal at TurtleDove Cleaning Services is to develop long-term relationships with our customers. Changing cleaning companies is time consuming, costly, and frustrating. We don't want to be your next commercial cleaning company... we want to be your last commercial cleaning company.

Customer Communication:

Customer communication is one of the foundations of success at TurtleDove. Each of our customers' needs and expectations are different. At TurtleDove, each customer has direct communication with both the Account Managers and Directors.

Professional Customer Service:

Our salespeople, customer care staff and corporate executives are always available to speak with our customers as our customers' needs are ever changing. Efficient communication is necessary to communicate short and long-term cleaning needs.